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Workshop on Parcels and Logistics

Course: Workshop on Parcels and Logistics

Target level of participants: STS/JAG Officers

Context: The rapid growth of Indian Economy has resulted in a rapid growth of Parcel and logistics sector. The Department has also taken a foray in the area of Logistics. The course is designed to take a close look at the concepts and operations related to logistics from experts in the field. It also aims to draw on the experience of the Department of Posts in the field of logistics so far and prepare the officers to form an approach for taking the implementation of logistics services forward. While keeping the best practices in view, the course also looks into the appropriate business model for the Department of Posts in the field of Parcels and logistics.\


(i) Explain the basic concepts relating to Parcels and logistics.

(ii) Explain the concept of Supply Chain Management.

(iii) Explain the main operations related to logistics.

(iv) Enumerate the best practices in the field of Parcels and Logistics.

(v) Explain the trends and scope of business related to logistics.

(vi) Identify a role for the Department of Posts in this field and steps needed to be taken to fulfill this role.

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