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Workshop on Business Development

Course: Workshop on Business Development

Target level of participants: Gr. ‘B’, JTS, STS

Context: One of the principal functions of the postal managers today is to manage marketing and business development activities. A good understanding of the basics of services marketing and using this understanding to prepare a business plan and strategy for implementation in their respective domains is important for achievement of these objectives. The departmental initiatives and approaches that have been taken in this regard are also to be kept in view while preparing and pursuing these plans. The best practices in the market and in various postal circles are discussed to understand the relevant practices that will help to improve business. The Course is designed to provide the participants the correct understanding of marketing and business development activities to enable them to effectively organize these initiatives in the field.


(i)  Explain the basic concepts and principles of marketing as they apply to the services sector and the Department of Posts;

(ii) Apply marketing concepts to prepare a business plan and strategy in their respective domains;

(iii) Know the huge business opportunities for India Post particularly in rural market.

(iv) Explain the business development activities of the Department in this context and identify a role for themselves and their team members for improving market share of the Department for various services.

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