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Workshop on Mail Management

Program Overview:-

Mail Management is the core activity of India Post and will continue to be so in future. Mail has attracted attention both in letters and parcels. India Post has been taking all-round efforts to keep pace with the changes around us. The focus has been on rationalizing the product line, rationalization of the network, standardization of the mail and address, mechanization of mail handling and creation of address database. Our objective is to make India Post vibrant organization that will provide high quality postal services at par with international standards. There is a need to look at mail as a business activity rather than a traditional service activity. Mail Management Program will attempt to reorient the outlook of participants from the “traditional service mindset” to a mail business mindset”. Further, the officers will be able to comprehend and visualize the future of Post, given the new initiatives taken by India

Program objectives:

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

(i) Appreciate the importance of mail and parcel products in the future of India Post.

(ii) Understand and appreciate the issues and challenges involved in MNOP/Mail projects.

(iii) Sensitize them for improving the end to end mail management.

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