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Induction Training Programme for PS Gr. ‘B’ Officers

Course:Induction Training Programme for PS Gr. ‘B’ Officers (Batch-I)

Target level of participants: Officers Promoted to PS Group ‘B’, as per list

Context:Officers newly promoted to PS Group ‘B’ have a wide and long experience in managing postal operations and services. In their new role, on promotion as Divisional Head or Group Officers in Circle/Regional Office, they are excepted to upgrade their managerial skills and knowledge and apply. It is the practical work situation. With the stress on technology induction in the Department, they are required to posses basic computer skills and knowledge of Departmental Softwares. They are also required to update their knowledge on day to day administrative matters related to Personnel Management, Vigilance Administration and the related monitoring systems. This course is designed for the benefit of the newly promoted Group ‘B’ Officers.

Program objectives:       

At the end of the program, the participants shall be able to:

I. Understand the challenges faced by India Post and the strategies to develop the business.

II. List out priority areas of the Department, the new initiatives and action plan to take these initiatives forward

III. Acquire knowledge and managerial skills that will help them in working effectively as Divisional Superintendent.

IV. Have a positive attitude to bring transformation in the Post and in personal lives

V. Develop leadership qualities that will help them to excel in every area of their lives

VI. Identify areas for improvement of quality of services

VII. Identify areas for enhancing the revenue of India Post in all business areas.

VIII. Acquire and update basic computer skills and become proficient in use of computers and Departmental software

IX. Focus on customers to develop relationship with them, leading to customer loyalty and business development.

X. Develop excellence in administration of the Post and in the personal lives.

Program contents :  

The program has been designed to empower the officers to become leaders of excellence in every area of their life and to become competent professionals in managing the postal services. Considering this, the four- week program will be intensive and inspirational. The program will cover the following major areas

- Understanding the postal industry across the world

- Understanding the challenges and opportunities of India Post

- Building our business

- Managing the division: Challenges and responsibilities

- Mail management and Network planning

- Insurance industry and PLI / RPLI Business

- Financial services industry and SB business

- Philately business and our opportunities

- Business Development and Marketing

- Staff development and HR policies

- Investigations and Vigilance

- Financial management

- RTI: Transparency and efficiency in management

- Training on Departmental Software viz. CBS, CIS, CSI, DARPAN etc.

- Technology management and Technology projects

- Ethics, Social concerns and Gender issues

- Customer Focus, customer satisfaction and customer delight

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