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Advanced Development Programme

Course:  Advanced Development Programme

Context:  As the officers move up in hierarchy in an organization their responsibilities change from managerial are to that of a leader. In the each drop of massive transformation that is taking place in India Post and outside it, there is a need to sensitize the officers to the challenges of a leader. Their ability to innovate and artistry to the creature need to be sharpened. This programme is tailored to make the officer be an effective leader to handle charge so that he take the right decision by seeing inside out and planning outside in.


At the end of the programme, the participants should be able to:

(i)    Explain the role and challenges for leader in India Post in the post changing internal and external environment.

(ii)   Prioritize his/ her activities to ensure effective use of resources for optimum results.

(iii)  Devise a system of measuring performance against set goals and use various techniques of measurement and management at his/her level in the practical situation.

(iv)   Learn from best practices of other organizations.

(v)    To be able to innovate and be creative.

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