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रफ़ी अहमद किदवई राष्ट्रीय पोस्टल अकादमी

A Centre of Excellence.


The Probationers who have joined the Academy in the session 2012-2013, belong to different batches of Civil Services Examination – 2009, 2010 and 2011. They have been categorised as Batch of 2010, Batch of 2011 and Batch of 2012 respectively.

Name Batch Mobile E-mail
arkaja_das_475x600 Arkaja Das 2010
radhika_dheer_475x600 Radhika Dhir 2010
anubrata_das_475x600 Anubrata Das 2010
loveleena_jaiswal_475x600 Loveleena Jaiswal 2010
priyanka_das_475x600 Priyanka Das 2012
kavita_meena_475x600 Kavita Meena 2012
sangeeta_taterwal_475x600 Sangeeta Taterwal 2012
richa_sharma_475x600 Richa Sharma 2012
pawan_kumar_475x600 Pavan Kumar 2010
swapnil_bawkar_475x600 Swapnil Bawkar 2011
prateek_jhajharia_475x600 Prateek Jhajharia 2011
abhinav_singh_475x600 Abhinav Singh 2011
praveen_kumar_475x600 Praveen Kumar 2011
satish_kumar_475x600 Satish Kumat 2011
abhas_475x600 Abhas 2012
raj_kishore_475x600 Raj Kishore 2012
abhishek_singh_475x600 Abhishek Singh 2012
satyakam_dutta_475x600 Satyakam Dutta 2012
abhijit_bansode_475x600 Abhijit Bansode 2012
manoj_kumar_475x600 Manoj Kumar 2012
ansuya_prasad_475x600 Ansuya Prasad 2011
abhishek_jain_475x600 Abhishek Jain 2012

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